Social Support

Excursions, outings and transport are all important ways that you can continue to get out and be involved in your local community through social support.

  • Connecting with local community groups and centres
  • Going to bowls each week
  • Attending a sewing group
  • Arranging an outing to attend your book club
  • Taking a long drive into the country
  • Group outings and entertainment with other clients
  • Grocery shopping
  • Getting to and from a medical appointment
  • Driving you to a family wedding or function
  • Playing cards in your home for a couple of hours each week.

We can get you involved in experiences outside your home by taking you out for a few hours each week. You can use this time to do routine errands, meet new people, or just to do something fun. You could choose to stop somewhere nice for coffee, watch a movie you have been wanting to see, do your shopping, go for a long drive, or even join in on a social outing with other friends.

For these types of excursions and outings, you can expect to know the time that you are being collected from your home and a carer will be there on time. We will take you out on the planned activity, but can alter the plan if you prefer to do something different on the day.

Your support worker will be cleanly presented, friendly, and flexible.

We book excursions, outings and transport in blocks of thirty minutes.

Arranging social support

How to get the social support services that you want right away.

Pay as you go services - your week, your way

You can arrange social support from us at any time as a service that you purchase privately. We charge an hourly rate, book in blocks of thirty minutes, and can arrange this as you need it or as part of a structured program you would like us to plan for you.

You do not need to commit to a contract or a minimum number of visits, and can adjust your services whenever you wish.

You can discuss your options with us at any time.

Home care package clients

If you have a home care package, you are able to get social support from us at anytime using the funds available from your package. If you are an existing client of ours we can arrange this through your current support plan.

If your package is managed by yourself or by another provider, then you can contact us to arrange social support for you and we will bill either you or your provider as you wish.


If you are a veteran and would like social support, we typically arrange this by using a home care package to offer you those services and then book your general support needs through to either the Veteran's Home Care or Community Nursing programs. We can discuss these options with you.

Other providers

We can broker our social support services to clients of other providers in a coordinated and seamless way and bill you monthly. We are compliant with all regulatory requirements and can do this as a service agreement or on a client-by-client basis.

Contact us to discuss how you can get started with social support or read our customer reviews.