Understanding Home Care Packages

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Home Care Packages

Flexibility. Choice. Control. A Home Care Package enables you to choose the services and support you want.

In 2017 significant reform took place in an effort to increase individual choice in Home Care.  Some of the key changes included:

  1. Packages assigned to individuals and not service providers - older Australians can now choose which provider to give their funding to and they can also take any unspent funds with them if they decide to change providers

  2. One national priority system - there is now a nationally consistent process for assigning Home Care Packages.  People no longer join multiple waiting lists for providers in their area, prioritisation is based on individual needs and how long they have been waiting.

The increased flexibility, choice and control these reforms have delivered are a welcome change.  People who need care the most are prioritised and consumers are no longer involuntary assigned a service provider.

After an individual selects a service provider the 2 (two) parties enter an exclusive agreement.  The provider becomes the custodian of the individuals allocated Home Care Package funds which are then used solely for that person's care and support.  This is why it is so important to choose the right provider.

The My Aged Care website (www.myagedcare.gov.au) lists four (4) key criteria people need to think about when choosing a provider.

What to consider WHITE OAK
1. Service - Does the provider offer the service I'm eligible for, that meets my needs, in the location I want? Works across the Perth metropolitan area delivering Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Home Care Packages.  Services range from cleaning, gardening and personal care through to nursing and allied health
2. Costs - What fees and costs might I need to pay? Based on publicly available pricing listed on My Aged Care, hourly rates for services are some of the most competitive available and fees (as a proportion of budget) are 20%. No exit fees
3. Availability - Can the provider fit me in now, will I have to wait, how long? Wait times for services range between 0 and 14 days
4. Quality - Will the provider deliver good, quality service? ISO Quality Endorsed Company | Cert III qualified staff (+70% of workforce) | 20+ years experience | Family owned and managed

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