How Your Funds and Fees work

When you have a home care package you get funding each day from the Government at the level of your package which becomes combined with any amount that you pay as your contribution - combined, these are the total funds that you have available.

Together we plan a budget for how you would like to use what you have available. Any money that you pay out of pocket to us goes directly into your funds to spend on care and support for you.

Our home care calculator shows you an overview of the funds that you will have available, depending on your package level and the number of hours you can start to plan for each week if you choose White Oak for your services.

What will I pay out of pocket?

Basic daily fee

Everyone is asked to pay a basic daily fee that is based on the single aged pension and ends up being around ten dollars per day and changes twice a year.

At White Oak, we give you the choice of paying this contribution up to seven days a week, depending on the number of hours of support you want. If you choose to pay every day this will be around seventy dollars each week, with the funds going straight into your budget and allowing you to purchase additional items you might like. The choice is up to you.

Income-tested care fee

A income-tested care fee is determined by the Government and is based on your income, and we are obliged to collect this from you until the Government advised that you have reached either the annual or lifetime cap.

Top-up funds

You may also elect to pay additional top up funds to purchase extra services. This is the case most often when someone with high care needs is allocated a level 1 or 2 package while they are waiting for a level 3 or 4 package to become available and need additional support right away.

Exit fees

We do not charge exit fees to clients that want to change to another provider and assist as best we can to ensure your move is seamless.

To discuss how White Oak can meet you home care package needs, contact us today.