Funds and Fees

Under the Home Care Package Program the cost of services are subsidised by the Commonwealth Government. The amount of subsidy depends on the assessed need; as below:

Level 1 (basic needs) : $24.46 per day ~$9,000 per year
Level 2 (low care needs): $43.03 per day ~$15,750 per year
Level 3 (intermediate care needs): $93.63 per day ~$34,250 per year
Level 4 (more complex needs): $141.94 per day ~$52,000 per year 

These funds are used to pay for your services and are held by your chosen provider.

Managing the Home Care Package funding according to Commonwealth guidelines can be a daunting task; often complex and time consuming. A White Oak Home Care Package Coordinator works with you to manage the budget while getting the most out of the funds available.

More information about the subsidies and supplements can be found here: 

What else do I need to know?

The Commonwealth built into the Home Care Programme an expectation that everyone should contribute to the cost of their own care, if they can afford to. There are three (3) types of fees:

  1. The Basic Daily Fee (or BDF) is an 'out of pocket' fee that everyone on a Home Care Package can be asked to pay; it is up to a maximum of $10.75 per day and varies based on the Home Care Package Level (L1 to L4).  The fee is added to your subsidy amount, meaning it can be used to pay for the cost of services.
  2. The Income-tested Fee (ITF) is compulsory if your income is over ~$22,000 per annum;  full pensioners are not required to pay the ITF.  The ITF assessment is done by the Department of Human Services.  The fee is subtracted from the daily subsidy amount.
  3. Additional care and services fees.  You may decide to pay for extra services; the most common scenario where this might occur is when you've been allocated a Level 1 or 2 Package but assessed as needing a Level 3 or 4 and you're waiting for the allocation to come through. 

White Oak does not charge Exit Fees. 

Your Home Care Package Coordinator will work with you to understand your funds and fees; once you've got your budget you will then be able to schedule your services and support.  Our price list is available here:

To discuss how White Oak can meet your home care package needs, contact us today.