01 February 2017

Changing your home care package to White Oak

If you are an existing home care client for another provider and want to change to White Oak you can do this from 27 February 2017.

We currently have a wait-list of clients that are keen to join us once the rules change and they can take their home care package to a provider of their choice. We are happy to tell you why you might want to join them to make the change too and start planning for your transition now.

People often prefer us because we are local, high quality, offer a service that is based on what you want, and charge among the lowest hourly rates and administration charges in Perth.

You will be able to transfer the balance of your funds to us and we will work with your existing provider to ensure that this is seamless.

At White Oak, we do not charge an exit fee to our clients but many providers do. Some providers will charge you an exit fee for leaving which will be deducted from your package funds. Given our fees are typically much lower you will most likely have more funds up your sleeve over all, and receive more hours of care in your home as a result. 

If you do have a care worker or two that you have a good relationship with and want to take them with you, you can. We will book that service in from your previous provider to ensure that you get to keep going with the people that you trust in your home but then you will get the benefit of working with our team to coordinate your program.

If you are happy with your existing provider and don't want to change, but are wanting some good information about home care to assist you make better choices about your package, we can give you free advice any time you want. Learn how you can make it work for you.

Contact us to learn about all the new choices you will have from 27 February 2017.