New Family Memories With Old Family Photos

Mary was managing well enough living on her own, but had a level one home care package mostly to keep her involved in the community. Her husband Fred had passed away many years before and her children and grandchildren were all living overseas.

Mary had a two hour appointment each week to have a coffee and chat with support worker Jess. One day Mary and Jess were talking about her photos and all her happy memories from her life with Fred.

Mary had had so many loose photos that weren’t in any photo album and wasn’t sure what to do with them. Jess realised that there was something that could be done, and asked Mary if she would be interested in creating books for her family using her photos so everyone could have a book of their own. Mary was delighted.

The next time Jess came to Mary’s home, she brought with her a scanner she borrowed from the office and a laptop. Mary and Jess then spent an hour of their time each week together going through Mary’s photos and scanning and saving them onto the computer. Mary enjoyed the time showing Jess her photos and explaining what they meant to her, and Jess enjoyed sharing this time with her and learning about Mary’s life with Fred.

Once all the photos were scanned and saved digitally, Jess and Mary then used a website on the internet to create a photo book using all of Mary’s photos. They did this over another few weeks and enjoyed the creativity of choosing the layout for each page, and putting captions on each photo to tell Mary's stories.

Soon enough, the photo book was ready and Mary ordered one for each member of her family to be printed. They choose to print them with hard covers to keep them safe for many more years to come, and put a special message in the front of the book for each person.

Mary had the photo books delivered to each of her family members directly to save on postage just in time for Christmas. Her family were thrilled to have the photo books, and all learned new things about their parents and their childhoods.  

Mary was pleased to have had a project that she had completed with Jess, and that it brought so much happiness to her family and made them feel connected to each other during the festive time.

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